New snippet

Fyi, just dropped a new snippet of my next single called “Confronting the Hater”. Youbcanb go and check it out now at
Remember its a leak snippet so just a preview is available but the whole song will be available for sale very soon
Thanks for your support

Confronting the Hater, the next single

What if you could talk to the dude or girl that’s been hating on you and ask them why they hatin on you. Well that’s the premise of my new song calld confronting the hater. Its about having the opportunity to talk to that person and just ask them why? A snippet of my new song should appear on my reverbnation page later on today at

What happened to the slow songs in the club

Went out last nite with my girl and my best friend from high school, ralph owens. We had a great time at club isis in downtown h town, but for some reason there was not a slow song played al nite. I haven’t hird a slow song in the club since early 2000’s. But what happened to kill them from the club scene. I would love some feed back on this and will go into this more in part2 of this article