Pro hip hop home studios pt.1

What is exactly the difference between a home studio( a.k.a. project studio) and a PRO home studio? Alot actually, but the main difference is not the hundreds of thousands of dollars professional studios spend on their setup. No, the main difference is WHAT is in their studio. For instance, your audio interface. Did you just get Something, just to be able to get the sound into your daw, or did you actually check out the specs and the bit depth and audio conversion rate. Is it 24bit worked or is it 16 not 48-96khz. Is it usb 2.o or is it firewire,usb 3.o or thunderbolt. These are some of the things that need to be looked at if you want to have a pro studio setup at home. But I would say the most important thing is your monitor. How you hear your music is the biggest part in how your music sounds. If you can’t hear all the smallest nuances or even the smallest details clearly, you won’t be able to mix correctly which intern make your songs sound great in your own studio and full and lifeless everywhere else. So what do I recommend? For the interface I recommend something solid and had great p reamps and ad/da conversion like UAD Apollo twin. And for the monitors I recommend either event monitors, jbl monitors and if you can afford the Adam monitors. In part 2 I will go more into detail on why and also list other equipment options that are crucial to changing your home project studio into a PRO home studio.


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