Arch E Huss’L

This is the official blog page of Arch E. Huss’L. Arch E started his music carer at the age of 3, singing for marines at a military base in north carolina. From there he continued singing for church and school choirs in his hometown of St. Louis, Mo. Rapping started as an accident for Arch E. Hussl. “An older girl was talkin bout me really bad and I stood up for myself,” said Arch E. ” so I started going back on her, and the next thing I had a crowd around me cause of what and how I was say it.” “They were like man you can flow, was that a freestyle?” “How did u go off on her in a rap?”… his raping skills and singing lead him to his love for music production.
Now a thriving up and coming producer and artist, Arch E Huss’L does dual duty as a producer( which he goes by the name St. Lewis, representing his last name and the city he grew up in) and as rap artist and C.E.O. of Nuthin’But Conductions Entertainment Group.


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